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SMART CONTRACT: 0x807bd51bacf4907e62cc4abe15af8d600ef7c67f

METAKY is a Smart Blockchain Technology and Metaverse Gaming Platform, METAKY is a Token that Generates Passive income on the Binance Smart Chain Networks. This is being Created by a Team of Senior Blockchain Developers. METAKY Focuses on Developing a Multi-Chain Swap in the DeFi Ecosystem. METAKY Team are Developing Major Projects - METAKY Wallet, METAKY Multi-Chain Swap, METAKY NFT Marketplace, METAKY P2E Gaming Platform.

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Metaverse Gaming

METAKY will Build a Virtual Metaverse , where Players can Play Extraordinary P2E Games. METAKY Games will have its own governing Planets. METAKY will run virtual land auctions, where Players can purchase and Sale their own piece of that planet and earn revenue from the Game. Players can use there Land Pieces to build NFT Stores, Weapon Stores.

Multi-Chain Swap / Wallet

METAKY Multi-Chain Swap will be a Cross-Chain Token Swap, that will allow you to trade between ETH, BSC, Solona and Polygon. That’s why we are launching METAKY on all Networks. METAKY Wallet is a Fully De-Centerlized Wallet with a Secure Access Key that keeps your Assets Safe Against Unauthorized Access.

Blockchain and NFT Marketplace

METAKY will Develop Own Blockchain with a Concept of Zero Gas Fees. METAKY NFT Marketplace allows to Trade your NFTs, through website,
Buy or Sale Your NFT, You can Earn huge Commission, and revenue on every time a secondary sale.

Pre-Sale Program

Pre - Sale 1

June 25 - July 10

Pre-Sale Price $0.0000000060

Launching Price $0.000000055

Pre - Sale 2

July 11 - July 25

Pre-Sale Price $0.0000000090

Launching Price $0.000000055

Pre - Sale 3

July 26- Aug 10

Pre-Sale Price $0.000000010

Launching Price $0.000000055

Pre - Sale 4

Aug 11- Aug 25

Pre-Sale Price $0.000000030

Launching Price $0.000000055

Pre - Sale 5

Aug 26 - Sep 10

Pre-Sale Price $0.000000040

Launching Price $0.000000055

Pre - Sale 6

Sep 11- Sep 20

Pre-Sale Price $0.000000045

Launching Price $0.000000055



Phase 1

• METAKY Token Creation and Website launch.
• Start Pre- Sale
• Start Maketing and Promotion, Airdrop and Giveaway

Phase 2

• METAKY Launching
• AMA and Large Marketing
• Advertising and Influencers Marketing
• Apply for listing on CMC
• Apply for listing on CoinGecko
• Apply for listing on Hotbit

Phase 3

• Apply For Listing on Bitmart
• Apply For Listing on
• Apply for Certik Audit
• Launch METAKY Wallet
• Launch METAKY Swap
• Launch METAKY NFT, Metaverse Games
• Major Exchange Listings


Phase 4

• • METAKY Blockchain
• Many More Surprises


Token Name : META KEY
Token Symbol : METAKY
Total Supply : 10,000,000,000,000
Liquidity Available : 10T
Token Decimal : 18
Blockchain Network : Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
METAKY Contract Address : 0x807bd51bACf4907E62cc4Abe15Af8d600eF7C67f

Token Allocation

Amount of METAKY allocated to Sale - 55%
Amount of METAKY allocated to Burning - 25%
Amount of METAKY allocated to Marketing - 10%
Amount of METAKY allocated to Founder - 10%


our team

Mr. Denial Grahm (C.E.O and Finance Head)

Ms. Pamela Matheus (Marketing Head)

Ms. Tessy Jreek (Head of Developers)

Mr. Sam Curries (Blockchain Developer)